The ESC 2024

My thoughts about the ESC from last Saturday:
This was my first one in a VERY long time, probably 12 years or so. It changed so much and for the better in my view.

It was a bit sad to see all the negativity hurled against the Israeli musician, but it was to be expected unfortunately. I mean imagine you’re a singer, have nothing to do with the Israeli politicians, go all the way to Sweden just to sing and then you’re greeted by an angry crowd that use you as a stand-in…
The other unfortunate situation was with the Netherland Contestant about an “accident” with a camerawoman, what exactly happened there I’m not sure (it’s they say a, they say b), nonetheless a loss as I quite liked his song.

But back to the happier part of the ESC:
The Swedes did a fantastic job with the whole program, the Venue looked incredible and there were so many great songs, OMG.
I’m very happy that Switzerland won, as this was my favorite song as well, but I also quite liked Ireland and Armenia. I really enjoyed the diversity in Singers and Groups as well as in music styles, it’s so much more than the same pop and euro dance when I last watched it. And that, in exchange, makes for a far more interesting program than before.

As for my own countries Song, Germany, I was quite surprised how good it was and that we finally, after so many years, have gotten a solid place. It was quite the joke here that “of course we don’t get any or only a few points” as this happened for quite some time…

Now I can’t wait to see what the Swiss will turn out next year

Andreas Arfaoui @Heiji